Policies and Etiquette

No show and/or cancellation policy (Please initial each item)

 For all privates or classes, weekend or weekday, that are for 9:30am or before, you must cancel before 9pm the night before

 All other privates or classes, you must cancel 6 hours before

 If you are 15 minutes or more late, you will not be permitted to enter class and you will be considered a "no show"

 The first time you “no show” or cancel late, you get a free pass

 The second time you “no show” or cancel late, you must pay for the session from your Pilates private/class card or FLEXcard

 The third time you “no show” or cancel late, you must pay full price for class or private and an additional charge of $10.00



 Please don't be late for your session. We ask that you arrive for all classes or private sessions at least 5 minutes before the start time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be permitted to enter class. This is for your body's safety.

 Please place all belongings and personal items in a cubby that we provide for you.

 Turn cell phones on either silent or off. Nothing is worse than paying for a class to feel good only to be startled from your focus by someone's ring tone.

 DO NOT disrespect our instructors. Allow them to do their job and not have to end up becoming a manager.

 DO communicate any injuries or body concerns. We will always be able to offer modifications and still give you a safe and effective workout. Listen to your body and do not make it worse because you are stubborn.

 We provide 2 bathrooms for you to use and change in. Please help us by cleaning up after yourself.

 Have fun. Work hard. Smile. Don't be too serious. And let it all out.


Weather policy

In the event of bad weather, we of course will offer an exception and you will not be penalized for choosing to be safe. Instructors will notify their clients regarding the schedule. We will also update our website as well as our social media outlets.

Photography Consent (please initial)

I consent to being photographed or recorded, and those images/videos being used promotionally, on the web-
site, and on social media websites

By signing this form, I attest that I will adhere to the policies and etiquette guidelines specified above.

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