What is our mission?  For starters, we are not in the business to reinvent the fitness wheel.  There's so much out there these days to the point of over becoming overwhelmed at times.  There is a lot of newness in the health and fitness industry.  From new health and nutritional studies that share eat this, but don't consume that, while wearing a watch that jolts you to remember to stand up, check your pulse, shows you how many calories you've burned, how many steps you need to take, then disappoint you with how many steps you didn't take.  You get a loud "ding" or vibration that scares the crap out of you while waiting at a stop light and its your cellphone computer tablet thing yelling at you to grab milk, deodorant, protein powder and a bag of organic kale because you're near a Target and you're being reminded of your choices Every. Single. Day. 

So, what is our mission here at The WellHouse Fitness, you ask?  It's super simple.  To provide "you" with the opportunities to look good and feel good.  We want you to walk through our front door feeling positive vibes and good energy.  To know that your body and mind are held with the upmost respect, kept safe and protected so you can keep moving for all your live long days.  Here at The WellHouse we are ageless, raceless, and genderless.  We are for EVERYONE.  Wether you want to improve on your golf score or next tennis match we can help you improve and become better than before.  Or maybe you are coming off of an injury or surgery and need an extension of your physical therapy.  Or you just want the snot beat out of you and become drenched with sweat, we can do that too. 

Through our excellent and highly qualified instructors, we offer our members a multi-pronged approach to achieve their very best health and fitness needs and goals.  When your time has come to an end and either your amazing class or incredible private is over, we want you to walk out our door feeling alive, motivated, and just plane good.  Guided by people who truly care and want you to feel successful.  To both feel and see improvements with your overall well being.  We keep it fun, fresh, and entertaining.  We keep you wanting to come for more.  


Whether it's once a week or five, your expectations are met, you've learned something new, and got to catch up with a warm friendly face.  All custom fit for you and your journey.  It's all about you. 


Finally, we'll simply leave you with this food for thought; our owner Ashley's grandfather's constant saying and words of wisdom, "well shug, you know what you know and you just need to figure out where to go.  Work hard.  Everything in this world takes simple hard work.  So do that.  Keep learning.  Keep smiling and you'll be just fine."

-Big Papaw