We offer FLEXcard credits, Pilates Group Equipment class card, Private training packages, and New Client offers.  Most of our passes are good for 90 days, but please read the descriptions below to confirm.  

FLEXcard allows clients to go to most classes that are offered on The WH schedule.  FLEXcards can be purchased in either 10, 20, or 40 credits.  Each class has a specific credit amount that it's worth.  Private sessions nor The WellHouse merchandise can be paid for from a FLEXcard.  

The credits are as follows:

2 credits=Pilates mat class and Yoga class (55min)
3 credits=Bounce Fitness class | Yoga (90min)
5 credits=Pilates Group Equipment class


Pilates Group Equipment class cards:

10 classes=$270.00 ($27 per class)
20 classes=$510.00 ($25.50 per class)



Pilates Duet session cards:

10 sessions=$400.00 (per person)
20 sessions=$800.00 (per person)


Pilates Private session cards:

10 privates=$625.00 ($62.50 per class)
20 privates=$1,250.00 ($62.50 per class)

 Drop-In Rates

2 Credit Class=$20.00
3 Credit Class=$23.00
5 Credit Class=$33.00

Drop-In Private



FLEXcard Pricing:

10 credits=$65.00

20 credits=$120.00

40 credits=$220.00


Minnie's & Teen Bounce:

Price to be determined